Abbotsford Group wish to subdivide a large rural allotment in Picton that includes a State Heritage Listed heritage complex known as ‘Abbotsford’. The homestead was constructed in the 1820s but was partially destroyed by fire in the 1980s. Despite its ruinous state, the complex has considerable archaeological research potential.

MTS Heritage was engaged by Abbotsford Group to prepare an Archaeological Management Plan (AMP) to support a Development Application for subdivision of the property. The AMP involved the analysis of historical records, detailed archaeological survey, predictive modelling and preparation of an Archaeological Zoning Plan. Preparation of the AMP has confirmed that the subdivision will significantly increase the current heritage curtilage of Abbotsford and conserve significant historical archaeology within a single allotment.

Responsibilities included: archaeological survey and recording to ensure significant archaeological deposits and features are conserved within the proposed subdivision; and preparation of an Archaeological Management Plan documenting the results of the investigation.