Fiona Leslie, Director and Principal Heritage Consultant at MTS Heritage, has a Science and Arts degree from the University of Queensland and Honours degree in Archaeology from the University of Sydney. Fiona has worked as a heritage consultant and archaeologist for 24 years in NSW, Qld and Tasmania, including time spent working in the NSW public sector.

Fiona is an experienced field archaeologist, recognised for her expertise as an Excavation Director for historical archaeological sites in NSW. Fiona enjoys working and consulting with community groups and leading and directing teams of heritage professionals in the office and in the field. Fiona lives with her family in the Blue Mountains and values its community, arts and environment.

With her detailed knowledge of national and state heritage legislation and experience managing multiple and complex heritage items during small and large-scale developments, Fiona strives to provide expert heritage advice to promote conservation and interpretation and prepare high-quality heritage reports for clients.


Chris Lewczak, Director and Principal Heritage Consultant at MTS Heritage, has an Honours Degree in Historical and Maritime Archaeology from Flinders University. With 24 years of experience as an archaeologist and heritage specialist on maritime archaeological projects, Chris has worked throughout Australia and on international projects. These projects have included harbour and foreshore redevelopment, bridge and wharf upgrade, undersea cable, mining and renewable energy projects. 

Chris has extensive field experience in maritime archaeology that includes working on-board survey and dredging vessels, co-ordinating and undertaking archaeological survey and reviewing of geophysical survey data, such as multi-beam, side scan and magnetometer results. Chris has worked in remote locations including on Whaling Station sites in far western South Australia, Tasmania, tropical North Queensland and in Darwin, Australia.

Chris’ expertise range from providing technical heritage advice, historical development and impact mapping, through to carrying out impact assessments. He has also presented guest lectures at various universities specifically relating to archaeological field methods in maritime archaeology and heritage practices.


Emily is an archaeologist and heritage consultant based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. She has excavated and surveyed archaeological sites in Australia including recent fieldwork on historic and Aboriginal sites in Queanbeyan and Shellharbour NSW, and at Ipswich, QLD. Emily’s recent professional development included an excavation at King John’s Palace, Sherwood Forest, UK. Emily has worked in heritage consulting for the past 4 years, undertaking research and writing of heritage impact assessments and archaeological reports, surveys of historical and Aboriginal sites, excavation and artefact processing. 

Emily has experience in composing both academic research papers and heritage consulting deliverables. Her strengths include writing and communication, teamwork, research and database management, preparation of high-quality archaeological reports and excavation using appropriate field methodologies.

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