Buildcorp is currently preparing to establish a new Food & Beverage venue and kitchen at Fort Denison to promote its continued use. Prior to the finalisation of the design, geotechnical investigations were necessary to inform the design. Following the preparation of an Historical Archaeological Research Design by Urbis and MTS Heritage, and the issue of a S.60 Approval, archaeological test excavation was conducted to identify the potential for remains of the Officers’ privy where the new kitchen is proposed. This test excavation was directed by MTS Heritage and revealed a sandstone packed fill relating to the c1917 slip yard and an ash and charcoal rich deposit directly above a sandstone surface. Given the presence of burnt bone, glass and metal pieces, the charcoal rich deposit was interpreted as kitchen waste associated with the former Officers’ kitchen. The sandstone surface was modified during construction and early military occupation of the Fort. The results of the test excavation have subsequently informed the new design and a subsequent investigation of the Officers’ privy will ensure its in-situ conservation.

Responsibilities included: The supervision and direction of archaeological test excavation to ensure the identification and in-situ conservation of State significant relics. The results of the investigation will inform subsequent archaeological test excavation and monitoring, to be completed in late 2023.